NTXSC Specialty weekend, March 2017

North Texas Saluki Club Specialty weekend
March 24-26, 2017 at Will Rogers Complex, Fort Worth, Texas

2 Saluki Specialties – Back to Back – Friday

ASA TSE – Saturday – All Breed Show – Sunday

5 Saluki Breeder Judges + Whippet Breeder Judge with Salukis!

Friday, March 24 –NTXSC Saluki Specialty-AM
Regular judge – Jean-Luc Lemouzy, Al-Zubeyda Salukis, France
Puppy/Vet Sweeps judge – Cathy Chapman, Sadik Salukis, USA

Friday, March 24 –NTXSC Saluki Specialty-PM
Regular Judge – Eric Steel, Phaeton Salukis, USA
Puppy/Vet Sweeps judge – Jean Warner, Owl Ridge Salukis, USA

Sat., March 21 – Ft. Worth KC –ASA TSE
Regular Judge – Hal Bierman
Puppy/Vet Sweeps judge – Shawn Davis, Salish Salukis

Drinks & Dinner – Diane & Rory Divin’s house
4 – 9 pm, map at show, shady parking

Sunday, March 22 – Ft. Worth KC
Regular Judge – Russell McFadden, Timbrel Whippets and Salukis
Show Secretary: www.onofrio.com

Come to Fort Worth, TX for a weekend of Texas hospitality, shows and the sightseeing. Visit the Arts District and great restaurants across from the show plus historical Fort Worth stockyards!

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